Thursday, 29 May 2014

7 kinds of color and style the most popular bridesmaid dresses 2014

As a bride, the wedding of one of the most important choice you need color and your bridesmaid dresses.At the very least, it is very important to the decision, when you talk about it with your girlfriends - probably because they will wear this dress.Fortunately, this year there are some special beautiful color and texture of trend occurred in the field of bridesmaid dresses - and, of course, these magnificent trend inspired us to come up with the perfect collocation of nail polish you girl!
In the past, in addition to the traditional French manicure or pale pink nails is regarded as taboo wedding, but that's about it.Nail color bright, fresh fashion is the perfect way to add a unique, affordable accessories your lady's collection.But equally important is to choose a color, clothes and flowers.


lace bridesmaid dresses 1
It is not hard to see why lace make a lot of love this year from the bride - any color, this is a festive, women's, perfect.If your lace dress lighter side, from a richer color in your bouquet, texture with high gloss essence.The choice of two dramatic we love, or a lady atmosphere is Veronica twisting (classic) and Evelyn (girl).
lace bridesmaid dresses 2
If you have a bud silk dress is bright and bold, keep your girl nail color neutral so can't and clothes.Wedding color according to you, don't be afraid to play a little with unexpected warm neutral color or texture like Mary Ann (girl), or a cool pink like Louis (charming Bohemian type).

Grey & Navy

Grey & Navy bridesmaid dresses 1
Grey and navy is chic bridesmaid for any season - both rich neutral shades of color rather than the classic black as heavy.But if you put your maid in grey or navy summer outdoor wedding, a great way to give them a happy pop color nails.
Grey & Navy bridesmaid dresses 2
Bright red shadow like Myriam classic (distorted) added a perfect drama navy dress, when we love a beautiful light blue like beth (girl) to a gray dress.


Mint bridesmaid dresses
Immediately fresh and exciting, mint is a grand wedding color trend - everyone looks great!An energetic bubble gum pink like Reese and twist (classic), or fun coral shadow like Harriet (charming Bohemian type), looks beautiful and cheerful and women and mint, and two colors will be luxuriant tonal bouquet, whether your flowers are full of vitality, blush, or all white.

Blush Pink

Blush Pink bridesmaid dresses 1
Ventilation and elegant, blush pink big comeback is the color of the bridesmaid dress.Keep your palette as beautiful, keep close to the color of the nails with your ladies, or use a lovely dusty pink like Malala twisting (classic) - bonus: 100% of its revenue to Malala Fund - or almost - white, pale pink like Eva (bomb), it has a delicate polishing, it looks special and complicated.More distinct contrast, if you have any dark vegetables in your bouquet of flowers or fairy tale atmosphere of forest land, low profile, cream forest green like solid (girl) of the republic of China with a romantic air and blush pink.


Ombré bridesmaid dresses
There are so many lovely bridesmaid dress styles and colors, why choose just one?Ombre dress is hot this season, because they give you maid cohesion, not the same.We love the idea of this concept to nail your maid of honor.Select a small group of nail color in the same panel as your dress, and let every girl choose one, or let you create your own PND tail-on manicure.As the shadow of these lovely purple dress, a mixture of nails in mei (bomb), Elisa (charming Bohemian type), gabriel (bomb), and charlotte (charming Bohemian type) will be unique and beautiful.

Sparkly Neutrals

Sparkly Neutrals
Champagne!!!!Piece of gold bridesmaid dresses australia scream "party time!"Although neutral tones make it look elegant and mature.Achieve the balance in your bridesmaid nails a neutral mani, also has its own elements of the interesting surprises: give each girl a smooth, simple mani in Florence (classic twist) or Alexandra (charming Bohemian type), for those who want to go to gold, create flash French tips, half moon, or shiny metal accents nail shimmering like Oscar (girl) or Jane (bomb).

Coral & Peach

Coral & Peach bridesmaid dresses

Happy, pink - toned coral orange, peach, melon family is a simple bridesmaid dresses color in the summer.As a unique and complex nail color matching, your ladies fingertips glittering gold.Pink champagne metal like zelda (bomb) or an old Hollywood gold shimmer like margot (bomb) will be the perfect fantasy and innocent.

Monday, 26 May 2014

Bridesmaid Trends – Special Back Design of Bridesmaid Dresses UK

Bridesmaid Trends – Special Back Design of Bridesmaid Dresses UK
When we buy any kind of clothes we always focus on the front and the poor design is often to see.As a designer, I can tell you, sometimes easy to do, you are too focused on the front and the back will only be ignored.This is another reason for the price, designers tend to encourage buyers to leave empty when we never see the browse shop after why we will make the garment more expensive if it is not seen?
This year, good things will change become simplified, time and money can be spent on design.We have seen many top designer wedding dress in the past few years, but now the maid benefit!Here are some of our favorite and most imaginative design on the market now!
Fancy Logos
We have seen so many beautiful cut dress, but the shape of the heart is a big season, we will also see a lot of cross straps keyhole shape and beautiful jewelry.

Fancy Logos 1
Fancy Logos 2
Fancy Logos 3
Fancy Logos 4

At the neckline, on the back of the waist and anywhere in between, designers have gone bow crazy and we just love the look.

Bows 1
Bows 2

Because there are many gorgeous design this year, the maid of honor can't make up their mind is just a style, so I decided to choose what they want form a variety of styles in a wedding, the effect is very good.

Variation 1
Variation 2
Variation 3

Cowl Backs
We’ve seen many front cowl designs over the past few years, but now the back is also getting a taste of the same medicine.

Cowl Backs 1
Cowl Backs 2
If you have spotted your dream dress here and would like to customize your own, simply get in touch for a chat and we’ll discuss how to create the perfect look for you.

Friday, 23 May 2014

The trends of the wedding dress 2014

Each year has a unique trend in wedding dress, although we may not have the attention, but it does affect our how to choose the wedding dress.
If you're searching for wedding dress 2014, then you are one of them. Following the trend, that means follow trends and fashion. Although nearly half now, but it's worth to reading.
1. Weeding dress with lace sleeves
wedding dress with lace sleeves-Ulovee
Lace is always a constant element, has become a classic, that is full of temptation and sexy, but wedding dresses with sleeves is more elegant.
Marchesa led the runway with his beautifully detailed capped sleeved wedding dress (left). If you're looking for inspiration, try Anny Lin's Valentina one sleeved wedding dress with lace (middle) or Caroline Castigliano's new English Heritage collection (right).
2. Minimal wedding dress
Minimal wedding dress-Ulovee
Now many after 90' to become the bride, is also a kind of trend.Means young 90 transformed after the bride, wedding dress is changed.
At NY Fashion Week, Marchesa's wedding dress got top marks for this look with lace detailing and bow (left). Designers Opulence Bridal (middle) and Charlotte Balbier (right) have got this look down to a T this year.
3, Beading wedding dress
Beading wedding dress-Ulovee
Still worry about the monotony of wedding dress? Actually beadding slowly will become a supplement of the wedding dress, and maximize the use of beading, so that enhance the temperament of wedding dress as a whole.
Jenny Packham stole the show with her breathtakingly beautiful wedding dress with beading and detailing (left). Our other favourites are designers Anna Campbell (middle) and Opulence Bridal (right).
4. Wedding dresses with jackets
Wedding dresses with jackets-Ulovee
Wearing a sleeveless wedding dress and want a bit of coverage? Sheer jackets and overlays are the answer and can still be easily removed for the after party!
We loved Marchesa's sheer jacket at NY Fashion Week (left), and the beautiful pearls and detailing on Justin Alexander's new collection is right up our street (middle and right).
5. Volume wedding dress
Volume wedding dress-Ulovee
Think My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding!! Not your cup of tea? Well this year, big frocks are making a U-Turn for the catwalk. And highstreet with layers, and frothy frills.
At NY Fashion Week, Reem Acra's wedding dress incorporated lots of layers and volume (left). If you're looking for inspiration, try Charlotte Balbier's new collection (middle) or Amanda Wyatt's 'Madrid' (right).
6. Pink wedding dress
Pink wedding dress-Ulovee
When you are in a common view of marriage gauze, mean tide has not any relationship with you.
Vera Wang's pink collection definitely caught spectators' attention (left and middle), and Jenny Packham's Champagne Pink bridal gown gives you the perfect toned down alternative.

Sunday, 18 May 2014

The appreciation of prom dresses--short prom dresses

Wrote an article about the appreciation of long cocktail dresses before, coin has two sides. So, short prom dresses uk are also attracted much attention, because it is lovely type, sometimes may be an elegant type, of course also is the type of sexy.
Sweet Tulle Spaghetti Sweetheart Applique Pink Cocktail Dress
Sweet Tulle Spaghetti Sweetheart Applique Pink Cocktail Dress 1
Sweet Tulle Spaghetti Sweetheart Applique Pink Cocktail Dress 2
Sweet Tulle Spaghetti Sweetheart Applique Pink Cocktail Dress 3
First noticed that bulsh is the trend of this year, was deeply loved by everyone.It is also used the same color, it looks very sweet and romantic. Secondly, the design of condole belt shows the perfect shoulders.
Chiffon Square Neck Cap Sleeve Side Drapping Cocktail Dress
Chiffon Square Neck Cap Sleeve Side Drapping Cocktail Dress
Chiffon Square Neck Cap Sleeve Side Drapping Cocktail Dress 2
Is fundamental key with light, highlight the aesthetic feeling of the back, so as to show its own characteristics.And, it seems that intellectual beauty.
Tulle Strapless Sequins Princess Cocktail Dress
Tulle Strapless Sequins Princess Cocktail Dress
Tulle Strapless Sequins Princess Cocktail Dress 2
This blend champagne color in design, and combined with sequins, highlight the noble temperament.And sexy and elegant.
Chiffon One Shoulder Ruching A-line Empire Prom Dress
Chiffon One Shoulder Ruching A-line Empire Prom Dress
Chiffon One Shoulder Ruching A-line Empire Prom Dress 2
One shoulder is one of the popular elements of this season, combined with the Beading Crystal Brooch, deserve to act the role of class is a layer.
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Monday, 12 May 2014

The appreciation of wedding dresses--lace prom dresses

Wedding is one of the sign of The Times of the boy into a husband, boy turns to his wife.So a wedding inside covers a lot of things, is also very important.So, everyone is very seriously, and look forward to once again a perfect wedding.
The process, wedding dress become one of the major factors in wedding. Having a perfect and beautiful wedding dress can give you confidence, bring vitality and appeal the whole wedding. At the same time is also very good to reflect the bride's appearance and personality.
Speaking of lace, everyone has their own points of view, some people think that it is a noble, because in the last century, only the princesses are worthy to wear it; Others say it is a kind of fashion, now how many consumers rush to buy it; Others say it is a kind of unspeakable sex, men like to wear woman wearing the lace underwear. Today, the lace has become a fashion in everyday life, both Asian and western production, it is an integral part of the close-fitting clothing, can also be used to decorate household, is the darling of the T stage and street fashion.
How about the lace wedding dresses? You will fall in love with her crazily. I promise! There are 5 different types of lace wedding dresses to share with you.
Type 1, Vintage lace wedding dress
Vintage lace wedding dress on Ulovee dresses
People respect the past since the birth, and respect the history. This feature also performed for the dress, wedding dress is no exception. As if this is the standard of the world, people should be so. Isn't it? In addition, the vintage wedding dress also completely foil the bride the extraordinary temperament, can let her have to play the biggest beautification.
Type 2, Lace wedding dress with sleeve
Lace wedding dress with sleeve on ulovee dresses
Please believe that, the thing which is out of the society is full of vitality, but will get a lot of people love. As the long sleeve wedding dress, far looks like a princess from the ancient, almost looks like a sexy wife at home, so let a person respected and loved. This gown should belong to those who seek to ordinary, but for family and her husband, they are the pride of this era, is the Gospel of the society.
Type 3, Lace Wrap Strapless Button Court Train Mermaid Wedding Dress
Lace Wrap Strapless Button Court Train Mermaid Wedding Dress on ulovee dresses
the back of Lace Wrap Strapless Button Court Train Mermaid Wedding Dress on ulovee dresses
Every kind of civilization collision will produce some new things, that's the dress. Since people respect and esteem of history, but loathe to give up with The Times, so they chose another way called fusion.
Type 4, One Shoulder Ruched Lace Mermaid Wedding Dress
One Shoulder Ruched Lace Mermaid Wedding Dress on ulovee dresses
More than half of the society and it is to belong to this kind of person, they are busy at work during the day, cooking together with family, to play games with their child. Office lady? they may be a nurse, restaurant waiter, etc., but they live very well. Important is she also had a deep love of her husband, this is a normal life.
Type 5, Elegant Lace Round Neck Chapel Train Beading Wedding Dress
Elegant Lace Round Neck Chapel Train Beading Wedding Dress on ulovee dresses
Grace is not only a kind of performance, but is a quality. So elegant lace wedding dress is good enough for an elegant lady, they are not only at work, also is a wise woman in their lives. They know to pay, know the dedication, even if no return, this is them.
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